Basket: Must Have App For Moms

WHERE WAS THIS APP when I had a newborn?!

BASKETYesterday, I stumbled upon a totally cool, new App for my phone called, BASKET.

BASKET is a helpful application that helps shoppers compare product prices with one simple, quick, click of a button.  This application will search the stores in your local area for the best price and then provide you with a side-by-side price comparison of the product sold at different stores.  Not only does it show the different stores with varying prices, but also conveniently highlights the store that currently has the best price.

My immediate thought after downloading this app was, “Where was this App when my kid was a newborn?”   I never imagined the crushing impact the cost of  formula would have on our budget, until our first kid required us to mix 3 different formulas together to make one bottle.  I also wasn’t aware that different stores sold the same product at different prices.  This eventually became apparent to me when I stopped by a different store to pick up baby wipes and notice that our brand of formula(s) was marked at a significantly lower price.  After that, I learned a great deal about price comparison and couponing.

I distinctly remember having spent hours rummaging through a stack of paper ads on the table, running multiple tabs on my computer to different store websites, and keeping track of the different prices in a paper-notebook.  Although it was tedious and time-consuming task, it did save us tons of money!

app 6Had BASKET been around then, it would have made life a whole lot easier.  All I would have needed to do was type in the brand of formula (Enfamil Enfacare), select product type, then click on Price Comparison, and TA-DA!  A list of stores and their prices all on one page!

Surprisingly,  this App is very user-friendly, which is totally awesome, because I am not very tech-savvy.  In fact, technology generally hates me.  So, finding an App that is easy to use is always a keeper for me.

I love the shopping list feature, where you can list multiple items and then not only compare different brand products but also prices.  For example: You can enter “bread” onto your shopping list, then a list of different brand products for bread will come up; chose one of the desired brand products and then compare prices to different stores.  It is that easy!

Like most shopping Apps, accuracy is hit or miss; however, for the most part, this App seems to be on mark with price accuracy.  Checking the prices displayed in the App to those displayed on the store websites are pretty spot on.  This App was launched in 2015, which means you aren’t having to deal with an application in its new beginning stage with a lot of bugs and pointless features.  It is an App that gets pretty good reviews too.

I look forward to using this App during my next big shopping adventure.  As a family on a budget, I am curious to see if we can actually save more money by using it.  I will be sure to post an update next month, regarding my experience using BASKET.

Do you use apps to help keep to the budget?  Share with us your favorite Apps…