Do Kids Eat Soup? Trying New Foods

Soup is not one of those things you often see on a child’s menu nor is it something you are eager to test with your children.  Squeeze into their tiny size shoes, and you probably wouldn’t want to eat soup either due to its different texture and consistency.  Plus, lets be real honest here, who can really get past the idea of a “liquid dinner?

Tortilla Soup- Bear Creek Country Kitchen (Dry Soup Mix)

A Soup Day

Yesterday, we were all wearing t-shirts and shorts enjoying 80 degree weather.  However, at some point during the night, Fall had finally arrived!  Instead of checking the weather on a fancy phone app, I like to do it the old fashion way: Open the back door.  This morning I was in for a surprise with freezing 45 degree weather, howling winds, and heavy rains.  I was forced to enjoy my coffee at the kitchen counter rather than on the patio.  I also had to dig through our closets for warm clothes, because I wasn’t expecting cold weather until the end of the month!

Now, I had originally planned on baked chicken and green-beans for tonight’s dinner, but there was no doubt that today was a day for hot soup! I had one packet of Tortilla Soup left in the pantry.

Bear Creek
Be sure to check the soup aisle at your local grocery store for Bear Creek soup mix

My favorite brand of soup is Bear Creek Country Kitchens; it is a dry soup mix in a bag.  I find it to be more flavorful than can soup.  However, I do like a good can of tomato soup when I am sick though.

I didn’t know how my kids would react to soup.  They have never had soup.  Fortunately, we had left over Mac & Cheese stored in the fridge from yesterday.  Just in case I couldn’t get them to eat soup, I had an alternative dinner for them that didn’t require me cooking an entire second meal.

Kids & Soup

In less than 15 minutes, soup was ready!  I topped it with sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, and cilantro.  It was hot and smelled delicious.  The perfect way to start the Fall Season on a cold, windy, wet day!

Our preschooler loved it!! She had two bowls of it.  I was surprised, because she is a very picky eater.

Our toddler, however, wanted nothing to do with it.  She put her nose up to the air and said, “EWWW!”  That was surprising too, because our toddler generally eats everything!

I think our toddler would have enjoyed a thicker soup, like a chowder or a cheese based soup.  This runny stuff is just not appealing to a toddler who probably thinks it belongs in a sippy-cup rather than a bowl.  Or, perhaps, she just wasn’t in the mood to try new things today.  I guess we will have to try again with something different later.

Happy Tummy

Even though our toddler didn’t want to try soup, she did enjoyed a big delicious bowl of left-over Mac & Cheese while the rest of us enjoyed several bowls of soup.

Usually I do not start dinner until my husband comes home, but today, it was so cold that I decided to surprise him with a hot bowl of yummy soup as soon as he walked through the door!

Hopefully, tomorrow is a warmer day!! 


Do you prefer soup from scratch or can?  Please share with us…