Parenting: Since When Has “No” Become A Bad Word

A Quick Thought On The Run…

While getting coffee this morning, a young sweet girl asked if my kids ever want to drink my coffee. I laughed and told her, “all the time!” She then asked me if my girls drink coffee, in which I told her they do not drink it. She looked at me, then asked what I tell my kids so they don’t drink coffee. I honestly told her, “I tell them “no.”

The girl looked stunned.

The girl looks to be in her early 20’s and says she has kiddos too. She told me she has been wondering what she can give her kiddos to make them think it’s coffee, because they always want her coffee.

Apparently, the younger generation doesn’t believe in the word “no.” So, I advised that she try chocolate milk in a coffee mug. 💡 A disappointed light bulb flickered on.

Last I checked, it is still okay to tell your kids “no.” They aren’t going to like it, but that’s all part of parenting.

Hopefully, chocolate milk will work for her. I told her about how my kids always want my soda and that I learned to drink soda from a coffee mug, tricking them into thinking I’m drinking coffee and not want any. A mama has to do what a mama has to do to protect their caffeine, but I’m not afraid to say “no” either.