Happy November: Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Retail stores across the nation have been slowly and quietly setting up their Christmas displays since the end of September; as if we didn’t notice.  In every store, there is that one eager overly Christmas-spirited employee who has been patiently waiting for this very day, the 1st of November.  Today, is their day to shine!  Each of them proudly clocking in a few extra minutes early wearing their red fluffy Santa hats ready to engage into the holiday spirit.  Less than a minute before the retail store opens for business, they CRANK up the seasonal Christmas music marking the first day of the holiday season!

Back in my day, not too, too, long ago, the holiday music use to begin on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.  Today, it officially begins on November 1st.  I am part of the 1% who feels this is just a tad bit ridiculous.  I love Christmas, but now that I have kids, November and December are parent-hell.

It is extremely difficult to take my kids anywhere during November and December, because toys are EVERYWHERE!

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to the grocery store.  I only needed two items: tin foil and a red bell pepper for dinner.  We came home with tin foil, a red bell pepper, and a $10 fluffy, sparkly, stuffed rainbow unicorn!  

The grocery store put a giant bin of rainbow colored stuffed animals at the front door!  You literally could not avoid it.  Of course, I could have told my screaming over dramatic child, “NO,” but even I could not resist wanting one.  Seriously, they had a rainbow colored llama!  How cool is that! 

I can feel it now, my wallet drying up before I even begin Christmas shopping.

Anyways, here is wishing everyone a great start to a  Happy Holiday Season!!  



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