Happy Halloween: Fly Invasion

FLY 3 Nightmare
This is nothing, this is just a few of them

Classic Horror Film Experience

An interesting way to start Halloween, I woke up into a living nightmare…a fly infestation in my house!

Walking into my living room felt like a horror film.  All the light fixtures were covered in house flies.  They were on the walls, the ceiling, and the air vents.  Interestingly, there was a half circle of them on the ceiling starting from the living room circling into the kitchen.  It was absolutely jaw dropping as to how many flies were in my house.  If I were to guess, I would say at least 100 house flies.

I am not sure if I should take this as a bad omen or just a crazy odd incident.  Being the clean freak that I am, I do not know where they came from!  How eerie that it happened on Halloween!

The flies could have came from our rotting pumpkin outside our front door.  I told my husband to throw it away over the weekend, but he “forgot.”  So, I threw it away on Monday, but I guess it was too late.  The house flies could have came from anywhere, even the back door.  Either way, I do not like flies, ants, or bugs.

Click Here to check out my new photography blog where I captured a close up of these annoying pests.  Eeek!

Vacuum VS House Fly

I hung up a bunch of fly strips, but I do not have the patience to wait for 100 flies to find them, so I busted out the vacuum.  I didn’t think it would work, but I sucked up at least half of them!

Surprisingly, most of the flies I sucked up into the vacuum survived the whirlwind tunnel of death in the vacuum container, forcing me to dump the container outside, far, far, far, away from our house.

I did squish a bunch with a rolled up calendar, but that gave my preschooler a heart-attack.  In case you didn’t know, “Flies have feelings.”  So, I sucked up as many as I could with the vacuum, a more humane way of getting rid of them, I guess.

Anyways, I am down to just a handful of flies in the house.  I can tolerate a handful, just not a 100 of them.

I am going to deep clean the house (again), wash out the trash can and disinfect the garbage disposal, in case all these flies came from there; but I am pretty sure they came from our pumpkin that sat beside our front door for two weeks.  Ugh, gotta love Halloween. 

Happy Halloween everyone!  Hope your day is as interesting as mine, but without the flies!   


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